Research Paper - Changeling Origins

I’d like you to do some research on the origin of the changelings, and write one to two paragraphs on your findings! Feel free to get creative with it! Your assignment is due by Tuesday evening. Out of those of you who hand in your assignments, one of you will get to play the first round of Pin the Heart On the Pony in class on Thursday!

See you then!

— Miss Cheerilee

((Mini contest! There will be 2 winners.

2nd Prize will have their Ponysona/OC drawn on the Chalkboard.

First Prize will get their Ponysona/OC drawn playing Pin The Heart On the Pony with Miss Cheerilee on Hearts and Hooves Day <3.

For both of these, I ask that OC’s be MLP related for simplicity.

So yeah! Tell us about the Changelings genesis! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be like a real research project, you don’t have to go looking for information and such, just write how you think they started! Feel free to consult fanfics for ideas, though make sure to cite and give credit to original writers if you do.

To be honest, I’ll probably have trouble judging them, so unless one REALLY stands out to me, out of the qualifying submissions, I’ll pick two winners at random :P. Seems fair enough.

Like posted, just 1-2 paragraphs, it doesn’t have to be super long. Please make your submissions to the Assignment Box or e-mail them to


Your 1-2 Paragraphs on the Changelings Start, and 1-4 references of your OC/Ponysona. A brief character bio wouldn’t hurt either if you feel the need to include one. Please do keep it brief though.

Once again, that deadline is Tuesday evening, 4:45 EST. If you have any questions, or I’ve missed anything, just let me know in the ask box.

Have fun!!))

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