Yearbook (2/2)


—Ms. Cheerilee

((Heh, okay for real,

Coming “out of character” for a sec, I gotta say guys, this “ask blog” has really been alot of fun! Like..

Okay, it’s probably the one art project I’ve been most dedicated to for a while, and even though I missed out on a few weeks, I wanna see what I can do to up the ante next semester. And that starts with finishing up Scootacurse. Like I said that’s for over the summer. Will I ever get time to work on my other comic? Iunno. Someday. Sometime. Idunno, maybe in between, but since I’m kinda out of a job at the moment, I’ve got plenty of time, right?

So yeah, there’s that. The Questions and Suggestions box WILL be emptied over the summer, give or take a few questions that I REALLY liked, but haven’t been able to get to yet, see what we can do about tackling those next round. Yeah, I hardly ever delete questions because it makes me happy to see ‘em c:, but then it takes me forever to scroll to the bottom.. so yeah, I’ll see what I can do about archiving some for myself, but yeah, enough about my needs.

You guys have made this really enjoyable and like I said, a whole lotta fun, all the feedback you’ve given me and fan letters, it really means alot to me! And I thank you! To be completely honest though, I wouldn’t mind getting some critique a bit more often though, I only recall getting like one…. I always appreciate and consider the input and opinions! It always helps!

Hope I get I know I’ll get to see somma ya’s at BronyCon, I’ll be at table 402 RIGHT NEXT TO ATRYL, I’M FREAKING OUT- so come and say hi or something! I will have chalk ready!


—(Frist), The Intern

EDIT: P.S. - And NOW I’m off to AnthroCon! If you’re gonna be there, bump shoulders with me in the hallway.))

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